Column hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules with H-TIPS making method UOT640

Continuous Membrane Filtration (CMF) refers to a membrane filtration unit specially used for water treatment and reuse, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration pretreatment projects, and the treatment of materials with relatively high turbidity.
The CMF system adopts a highly anti-pollution hollow fiber membrane element with a unique structure and a unique air-water double washing process technology, and is equipped with specially designed pipeline valves, self-cleaning units, dosing units and automatic control units, etc., forming a closed circuit Continuous operating system. The CMF system is particularly suitable for filtering tap water, groundwater, surface water and municipal sewage after biochemical treatment to remove impurities such as bacteria, microorganisms and suspended solids. The purified water is clear and transparent, and the turbidity is close to zero.

ultrafiltration membrane modules

The Principle

MF column type membrane filtration is a pressure actuation membrane separation process, it can separate the particulate matter from the liquid of the dissolved component. Highly efficient removal of Colloid, silt, algae,Cryptosporidium, Giardiasis Tyzzer, coliform, bacterium and majority virus, the elimination rate is 4~6 lg.
Bio-reactor membrane sheets with the material of PVDF

The Specification table of the UOT 640 :

UOT 640H
UOT 640G
Pure water flux (25 C, 0.1 MPa)
7000--8000 L/h
6000--7000 L/h
Permeate turbidity
≤0.2 NTU
≤1 mg/L
Membrane filtration style
Outside-in hollow fiber membrane
Hollow fiber inside diameter
Holow fiber outside diameter
Adhesive material
Epoxy resin
Shell material
Membrane area
Pore size

The operational parameters of column hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules UOT 640 :

UOT 640H
UOT 640G
Designed water flux for secondary sedimentation tank (20°C, 0.1 Mpa)
Maximum water supply pressure
0.2 Mpa
Maximum supply water flux
6000 L/h
Trans membrane pressure
0.15 Mpa
Temperature range
1~40 ℃
Acidity and alkalinity range
pH2~ 10
Operation type
Volume fltration or Cos-flow fltration
Maximum backwash water quantity
3000 L/h/module
Air consumption
2.5~ 5 m3/h/module
Backwash time
20~ 60s
Backwash pressure
0.03 ~ 0.05 Mpa
Backwash water fux / air+water
0.3 ~ 1.0 m3 /h/module
Backwash water fux/ only water
2~ 3.0 m3/h/module
Backwash time
20~ 60s
Perneate fux
Operating pressure
0.03 ~ 0.06Mpa
Chemical cleaning period
4~ 24 weeks
In-line water wash period
50~ 90s/ 20~ 60 min


1. The material is PVDF ,High chemical stability
2. High acid and alkali resistant and strong oxidation resistance
3. Membrane noodle is fingered hole-anisomerous structure, high ant-pollution, not easy to in-depth pollution
4. High water flux in each membrane unit, Ultra-low presure cost, long service life
5. Outside-in filter type: saving cleaning water, low operating costs
6. Excellent quality, reached advanced international standards, is highly cost-effective


The UOF 640 membrane modules produced by our company are designed to be used in CMF systemsApplication of CMF system: Municipal sewage treatment and re-use, Industrial waste water deeply treatmentand re-use ,Supply processing, Industrial water treatment,RO-pretreatment, Residential water reatment,et.c.

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