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We are the professional manufacturer in the development and sale of ion exchange membrane, electrodialyzer and chlor-alkali electrolyzer.

Ion-Exchange-Membrane and resin factory
We use the modern casting technology and two sides radiation membrane manufacturing technology to produce the ion exchange membrane, we combined the casting technology toghther with the doping technology to improve the electrochemical and mechanical properties for the ion exchange membrane. Our ion exchange membranes are chlor-alkali membrane, cation exchange membrane, anion exchange membrane and bipolar exchange membrane.
We have developed and produced the Ion-Exchange Membrane(IEM) for production of Chlorine and Caustic by electrolysis which is environmentally friendly and has become the preferred method for chlorine and caustic production, many of our customers who produce the Caustic Soda(NaOH) or Caustic Potassium(KOH) have used the our Ion-Exchange Membrane for more than many years.
Our Chlor-Alkali membrane have 3 types: SY287, SY14P and SY15P, the SY287 is combined the carboxylic acid layer and sulfonic acid layer, the sample as Nafion 2030, the new generation is SY288. The SY14P and SY15P is perfluorosulfonic acid ion exchange membrane reinforced by PTFE, the SY14P is in dry type and the SY15P is in wet type.
Our cation exchange membranes and anion exchange membranes are homogeneous Ion-Exchange Membrane, the cation exchange membrane selectively allows cation permeation and anion exchange membrane selectively allows anion permeation, they are used for our electrodialyzer, our electrodialyzer ED is a separation utilizing electrophoresis of ionic substances in solutions and the selective permeability of ion exchange membranes to separate ionic substances in aqueous solution, enabling efficient desalination, concentration, refining and recovery. Our bipolar membrane is an ion exchange membrane composed of an anion exchange layer and a cation exchange layer, it is used for the bipolar electrodialyzer BPED. Our expandable PTFE and PVDF membranes are used for filter to remove the impurity in the feeding water.
Our Chlor-Alkali electrolyzer is a new type of filter press type bipolar ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer. It is also a brand-new zero-pole-pitch electrolysis cell, which can greatly reduce the squeezing of the ion membrane. Good resistance to reverse pressure difference. This series of electric tanks have been used in many units at home and abroad. We also remanufacturer and recoat the electrolyzer and cells, the cell types include: Beihua Machinery electrolyzer, Asahi Kasei electrolyzer, BiTAC electrolyzer, F2 electrolyzer, Woody electrolyzer, etc.
We supply other chlor-alkali equipments, include the Primary brine equipment, Secondary brine equipment, Sodium hypochlorite reactor, Dechlorination tower, Rectifier Power Supply and so on.
Our company has a group of experienced professional staff and technical services staff distributed in various aspects of the workflow. Meanwhile, we have the world top 500 enterprises supplier chain and value chain management experience, from the supplier selection and audit to the supplier optimization, cultivation and development.

Our Mission

Continuously provide the Ion-Exchange Membrane with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Green Energy and Chlor-Alkali Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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